Discover the proven authentic marketing strategies and techniques to successfully market your business, because you didn’t become a business owner to be insta-famous without a sustainable income.

If you're feeling like you're just not connecting with your ideal clients as deeply as you'd like, the Self-Makers Marketing Academy is your golden ticket. Let's face it; it's not just about being visible; it's about creating those heart-to-heart connections that turn cold leads into raving clients for life.

Do you feel one or more of the following feels true when it comes to marketing your business?

Struggling to Connect with Your Dream Clients
Marketing can feel like navigating a labyrinth. But it doesn't have to be that way. My Self, Strategy, Systems framework simplifies it all, giving you a clear path to marketing success. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a marketing strategy that feels aligned with your life.
Overwhelmed by the Marketing Maze
You’re ready to level up your biz and see some serious growth, you’re sick of putting so much time and energy into creating content that doesn’t make an impact or contribute to your bottom line. The Self-Makers Marketing Academy is designed to help you achieve exactly that. Picture this: More clients, more revenue, and more time for what matters most. It's not just about marketing; it's about making a real impact and growing your business, beautifully.
Craving Real Growth and Impact

Do you feel one or more of the following feels true when it comes to marketing your business?

I'm ready to change things up.

Authentic marketing completely changed my life and AND my business - and it can change yours too!

Hi, I’m Hazal.

I've worked in marketing for over 11 years. I've worked with some of Australia's largest retailers in helping them launch their social media channels from scratch.

I've worked with startups, advertising agencies, and small businesses in helping them establish a social media presence to make their brand stand out and ultimately make more money online.

When I started my own business I had zero clients, zero social media followers and no personal brand to leverage. But I knew after a decade's experience in growing other people's businesses through marketing that I had all of the strategies I needed to grow an impactful online business using marketing myself.

After posting marketing advice on Instagram I began getting questions from my audience as to whether I was a marketing and business coach and whether I could coach them to help them market their business, after seeing the success of my own content and hearing about what I had achieved in my career.

After only one full year in business I had 11 pieces of content go viral, I had booked out my coaching packages and made over six figures.

In such a short amount of time I had already matched what I was earning in my high level corporate career and have the opportunity to grow that even more because that's the beauty of entrepreneurship there is no glass ceiling other than the one that you create for yourself and it's true that my business thanks to my marketing strategy has only gone from strength to strength since then.

My story.

And the last thing on your mind is becoming an influencer. Your goal is to effortlessly attract and convert dream clients who are a resounding YES, all without sacrificing every spare moment on marketing.

Let me guess...

You're a true expert in your field

You've diligently followed the advice Scattered across Instagram posts

You're ready (no, itching) to step into your role as the CEO

Diligently tuned in to countless podcasts, and engaged in free masterclasses. Yet, you've been longing for a simpler, more efficient approach that doesn't entail endless hours of IG scrolling and pondering what's next.

And leader you were destined to be. However, you've yet to discover a resource that can guide you in an authentic, time-effective manner—one tailored to savvy entrepreneurs who understand that a massive following means little without substantial revenue.

The curriculuM

Unlock the keys to online marketing success with our 6-week academy designed specifically for busy, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Using my 11 years of experience in supporting multi-billion-dollar businesses and startups, this academy is your shortcut to marketing that works.


Module 1: Magnetic Marketing Mindset
Learn the mindset approach to showing up online in a way that both makes you a magnetic force to your ideal clients and helps you stay consistent and confident.

Module 2: How to Stand Out on Social and Give Your Business the Competitive Edge
Learn how to craft and communicate your messaging so that it resonates with your ideal clients and gives you a competitive edge. You’ll also learn what channels to utilise that will work best for attracting and nurturing your audience. 

Module 3: How to Get More Aligned Leads With Email Marketing
Learn how to create a converting lead magnet, build your email list and effectively nurture your leads to turn them into paying clients.

Module 4: The Essential Content Marketing Blueprint
Content is the key piece in growing your business, in this module you’ll learn how to create a content strategy that increases your visibility and converts, how to never run out of effective content ideas (NOTE: effective content, not just getting something up because you ‘need’ to) and how to use AI to make better content.

Module 5: Master the Art of Video Marketing
Video is the most effective way to increase your reach and build trust with your audience right now. In this module you’ll learn my formula on how to craft high-performing video content that connects with your audience, including how to come up with reel ideas, easy ways to increase your reach, write effective hooks and captions and more.
Module 6: The Essential Marketing Data To Turn Content Into ROI
Marketing without looking at your data is like embarking on the road trip of a lifetime, but deciding to do it without a map, so it takes you way longer and takes you on countless wrong turns, wasting a lot of time and energy. In this module, you’ll learn what marketing metrics to track and how to understand your data to make strategic decisions like a multi-6 figure entrepreneur and increase the effectiveness of your marketing. 
The Ultimate Marketing Bundle 
How to Create a Community of Superfans Training (immediate access on sign-up)
Tools and Software for Success (my fave platforms)
How to Create A Marketable Offer (mini-training)
2 x 60-minute Group Coaching Calls 

I remember telling my coach at the time, albeit a little sheepishly, that's it had all felt in truth quite easeful.

There is so much talk online about how growing and online business is so hard that you need to work 24/7 in order to achieve any kind of meaningful success and that it's going to be a very stressful experience where you sacrifice the things that are important to you like time off and seeing your friends and family or holidaying in order to achieve it.

And in all honesty this was not my experience. I can count on one hand the number of nights that I worked past 6 p.m. I traveled with my husband and I spent more time than ever with my family and doing the things that I love to do.

So you can see that my approach to organic marketing has completely changed my life and business and I believe that based on my experience and through how many clients I have helped achieve the same results that you can do it too.

You may be thinking, well how? How do I market my business in a way that feels authentic to me, is completely free and doesn't sacrifice all of my time in order to do it. I'll tell you how…

Over the last 11 years working with high-performing brands I've learned that achieving a successful marketing strategy is not only simple with the right approach, but also replicable.

Having worked over about 20,000 hours of devoted time learning about marketing tens of thousands of dollars in education and coaching and hundreds of hours supporting other businesses in growing their business using marketing, I know that there is a formula to create successful marketing.


You may be thinking, well this sounds pretty straightforward, Hazal.

Why hasn’t it felt this easeful for me?

Which is why I created the Self, Strategy, and Systems framework.

The mindset and personal branding to support you in growing your business and helping it stand out.




A solid approach and plan on how to execute your marketing activity.

How to do this on repeat, without burning out (and in fact, feeling rather easeful).

This is the exact formula I have used to help so many entrepreneurs, and have used myself in my own business.

You need to constantly come up with ideas on what to post: Crafting and implementing effective content without a plan can eat into your precious time. Time that could be spent focusing on other important aspects of your business (like actually serving your clients).

What sets The Self-Makers Marketing Academy apart?

So many business owners try and fail to successfully market their business.


They lack the clarity, strategy and they lack the time.

I know I don’t need to tell you this, but to have a successful online business in this climate, you need to have a good marketing strategy. Otherwise, you’re… basically invisible in the online space.

(And let’s be honest, people can’t buy from you if they don’t know who you are, what you do and what makes you special. Which is all the things a successful marketing strategy will help you achieve.)

Marketing your business online can be tricky, because:

Constant Algorithm Monitoring: Staying up to date with the latest changes in social media algorithms and search engine rules can feel like a full-time job. You have to adapt your strategies accordingly.

Marketing Burnout: Juggling marketing alongside all your other business responsibilities can lead to burnout. Trying to do it all yourself can leave you feeling exhausted and drained.

Competition is Fierce: Everyone's online these days, and competition for your audience's attention is fierce. It's not enough to simply be present; you need to stand out and offer real value.

Resource Drain: Managing your online presence requires various resources – from content creation to monitoring analytics. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved.

Inconsistent Results: Even with significant time and effort invested, there's no guarantee of success. Many business owners struggle with inconsistent results and fluctuating sales.

Lost Opportunities: Without a solid marketing strategy, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities and potential customers who are actively seeking your products or services.

You don't have to navigate this alone.

But there's good news:

The Self-Makers Marketing Academy is here to equip you with the skills, strategies, and support you need to simplify your marketing efforts and maximize your business's success.

You're not ready to invest time and effort into your business's growth.

You're seeking a quick-fix, overnight success solution.

You're not open to adopting new mindsets and strategies.

You believe that marketing is all about trickery and manipulation.

You're not willing to embrace authenticity and build a personal brand.

You're not interested in learning how to create compelling content.

You're not ready to dive deep into data to refine your marketing approach.

The academy is not for you if:


“When Hazal and I first started working together I was needing guidance as to what the next steps should be in my business. I was lacking clients and having no experience or education in marketing and/or sales, I felt lost. I wanted to make consistent income and feel as though I could fully financially support myself.




From our time together so far I've been able to increase my income to consistent $8-10k months, fully booked out 2 months in advance repetitively and a clear action plan with steps to implement for my business's future."


"I love that Hazal is as excited as I am about my brand. Hazal is very friendly and easy to work with. She truly cares about my business.


                                                   Our reach on social media is through the roof and our website traffic has gone crazy! I have a lot more opportunities to work with other businesses and collaborations with influencers.

I have seen unbelievable growth in my business since I started working with Hazal.                                                            

                      Being new to that side of business Hazal has helped me so much to gain more clarity on the process and being confident. 

Her strategies are amazing and she is very creative and talented. I love having a brainstorming session with Hazal as I learn a lot and it is a lot of fun. I would absolutely recommend Hazal to anyone serious about growing their business. My business would not be where it is without Hazal. Hazal is incredibly talented, creative, friendly and I feel very lucky to be able to work with her. Hazal is a great strategist and Mentor!"


I have seen unbelievable growth in my business since I started working with Hazal. Our reach on social media is through the roof and our website traffic has gone crazy! I have a lot more opportunities to work with other businesses and collaborations with influencers. Being new to that side of business Hazal has helped me so much to gain more clarity on the process and being confident.




So, what’s the investment?

Join the Self-Makers Marketing Academy and Master Marketing in Just 6 Weeks.

PAY IN FULL - $750
2 X PAYMENTS OF - $375
4 X Payments of $188



Doors close 4th of March AEDT

4th of March

early bird offer
(ends 21st of february aedt)


“Working with Hazal has been a game-changer for me. From day one, she understood exactly what I needed to transform my brand and messaging, increase my visibility and engagement, and boost my confidence in selling my services. Hazal's expertise and valuable insights have helped me achieve some incredible results.


In only three months we have cemented my brand and my niche, developed strategies and implemented tools that have helped me to stay consistent with my social media posting, launched a podcast and continue to grow my reach and engagement.

Throughout the whole process Hazal has challenged me and held such a supportive space for me to step into and grow. I have achieved more in 3mths than I would’ve in a year by myself. I’ve developed confidence in how I show up and promote my services that will enable me to have an even greater impact in the world.

I would recommend Hazal to anyone looking for a transformational, energizing, and inspiring experience that will take their business to the next level. Anyone who is looking to leverage social media to grow their business should work with Hazal. Her experience across such a diverse range of industries gives her a deep set of strategies and skills she can draw upon to help you create your own journey towards success.”


"When we first started working together, I was most looking to transform my marketing but little did I realise that processes & mindset were things I needed to change most. I’ve used coaches in finance and fitness in the past & when I brought them on board – Things went to another level. The penny definitely dropped when I realized I needed to follow the same blueprint for my business too.


Second was the results. In past 4 months, I’ve almost generated the same sales in 4 months that took me 1 year to achieve.

In terms of tangible results from working together, one was freeing up more time by building better processes & hiring another staff member. From this, every month we keep growing by submitting more loans than prior.

I realised I don’t have to do everything. Yeah I have staff to take care of obvious things in business but I didn’t realise I could empower them by taking even more off my plate.

Working with Hazal is insightful, fun and humbling. If I were to recommend Hazal to others, I would say, a good coach will help you reach your goals, which is exactly what Hazal has done for me. She is a wealth of knowledge & I couldn’t think of a better person to have in my corner.”




In past 4 months, I’ve almost generated the same sales in 4 months that took me 1 year to achieve.

In terms of tangible results from working together, one was freeing up more time by building better processes & hiring another staff member. From this, every month we keep growing by submitting more loans than prior. Second was the results. 




Got some questions? I have some answers.

Our Academy Kick-off Date: 📅 March 4th, 2024.
When does the academy start?
I would be very surprised if you did request a refund. I do not offer refunds on this program, because I have poured so much heart and knowledge into this program, I’m confident in the results it can deliver
Do you offer refunds?
Yes, there is 2 x monthly payments of $375usd or 4 x monthly payments of $188usd.
Is there a payment plan?

The course is a 6 week curriculum-led program, with two bonus coaching sessions. The purpose of the course is to give you the tools to create your own marketing plan. The mastermind is a 6 month coaching program, where I provide strategies tailored to towards growing your business and support you along the way.
What's the difference between the course and the mastermind? 

You will have access to the course for 12 months, to give you space to complete the course and also an incentive to finish it (as the learning is one thing, but taking action on what you've learned is the most important!).
How long do I have access?

I graduated from Monash University with a Degree in Journalism and worked in marketing for over 10 years before I even started coaching. I’ve worked with billion dollar companies to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Through my coaching, I’ve helped clients leave their 9-5’s, have their highest cash years, make $100k+ quarters, go viral, create consistent $10k months and run their businesses with ease.

What are your qualifications and experience?

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