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90 Min Aligned Action 1:1 Intensive

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Profitable product suite: reviewing your current product suite and unlocking opportunities for increasing your income

Stand Out Brand: how to position yourself as an expert and stand out in your niche.

Launch planning: have a launch coming up? Let's plan your next steps to make it as successful as possible!

Magnetic marketing: from nailing your messaging, mapping out your content pillars, best channels for your business to planning out a system for consistent content creation

Aligned Action: You just need some support with where to go next within your business, let's map it out together and you can leave with aligned action points so you know exactly where you're headed

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Ever wish you could pick up the phone and ask for some  advice or guidance tailored to suit you and your business, but haven't known where to turn to?

With so much advice out there, it can all seem so...general and just straight overwhelming, right? Sometimes you just need a real person who knows their stuff to give you real-time guidance specific to you and YOUR BUSINESS.

Here's where my Aligned Action 1:1 Intensive comes in.


coaching for the brave


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90 Min Aligned Action 1:1 Intensive

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